Saturday, March 1, 2014

Social media marketing tips for small businesses

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Social media has given individuals and businesses the avenue to relay information at a pace faster than that of traditional media. Small businesses have realized that social networks help them compete with the industry’s big players. In fact, it is estimated that about 90 percent of small businesses have made their presence through social networks. Effectively using this presence, however, is a different matter altogether.

Here are a couple of tips for small businesses that would help in their social media marketing plans this 2014:

Learn about social media analytics

Social networks have come up with useful information for businesses. Social media analytics give companies demographic information about their market: age, gender, market region, etc. Marketers can now also determine which topics and conversations pique the interests of their intended audience from the messages they post online.

Small businesses should use all available data and research to come up with better marketing strategies and keep up with rapid changes in consumer behavior.


Know your weapon

Brands already know that different strategies yield different ROIs. In the same vein, they need to recognize that different social platforms yield different results. Marketers who have already profiled their market need to equate this with the right social networking site.

For example, in VisionCritical’s research, electronic gadgets and tools marketed on Facebook and Twitter yielded 25 percent and 34 percent purchases respectively. However, crafts and DIY home décor did not enjoy the same success in these sites. Crafts and DIY home décor had 21 percent and 18 percent buying hits when featured on Pinterest instead.

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