Thursday, January 24, 2013

Social media marketing: Making it work

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Many companies have tried their luck in social media marketing; however, a lot of them are still clueless as to how they can make it work to their advantage. Industry experts, like John Bohan and Scott Monty, note that there are ways to make social media the best marketing tool. Some of them are as follows:

1. Understanding the role of social media in marketing. The primary step toward effective social media marketing is by understanding its nature and role. Social media has a big role in marketing: It gives marketers the voice and avenue to communicate with customers. It personalizes the brand and spreads the message in a relaxed and conversational way.

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2. Choosing a network wisely. There are dozens of popular sites where businesses can set their shop. However, they should be careful in choosing one. They should consider how the social platform can benefit them and if they are willing to exert effort in using such social media platform.

3. Setting realistic goals. Companies can easily get overwhelmed in the social media world as a lot can be done in this dynamic platform. However, businesses should create realistic goals. Are they using social media to create a buzz, to build a network, to sell a product, or to gain feedback? Regardless of what their goals are, businesses must set and tailor their goals to get their desired results.

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4. Listening more, talking less. While it’s tempting to bombard social networking sites with information about a company’s product and services, it is sometimes necessary to listen, especially for start-up companies. Businesses should research about blogs, key industry players, and forums regarding their market to become aware of the social environment of their industry.

With a little planning and research and by learning the rules of the game, businesses can make social media marketing work to their advantage.

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