Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Social media strategy: Stepping up your game

If your business has been exposed to social media long enough to know that it takes strategy that doesn’t happen overnight, then you’re in the right track. However, if you have signed up on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platforms and noticed that the sales are not coming in as expected, you may be doing something wrong along the way.
Looking for some suggestions to address this concern can help you step up your game. This articlediscusses some methods to consider in making social media work for your brand:
 Organizing a social media team. The very first step toward having an effective social media strategy is to establish a team that will take care of the social media responsibilities. You may hire external manpower or utilize available personnel within your departments.

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 Getting rid of social media firewalls in the workplace. Allowing your employees to use social media at work is helpful for your business. Using free and fast publicity, your employees are able to help increase your brand awareness. But then, this is with the assumption that you’ve hired responsible individuals whom you can trust to use social media channels within the confines of their job descriptions.

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 Developing a consistent brand voice. Although this is one of the hardest strategies for effective online marketing, there are several options of doing it. Forbes offers 10 suggestions to get you started.
 Making your social media accounts interactive. Asking questions to your audience, adding a human appeal to your platforms, and replying to audience comments and queries in a timely fashion are some points to look into.

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Social media marketing is ever dynamic and coping with it is just fitting in order for you to prevent the risk of being left behind.
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