Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The importance of spending time for social media

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Social media has effectively changed how companies communicate with and disseminate information to their customers and audiences. What was once the role of newsletters, advertisements, PR releases, and company websites is now being replaced by social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, which are arguably better communication platforms as they allow the companies to interact directly with their customers.

However, although social media has gone mainstream, not all companies are getting in on the action; there are those who probably think that social media marketing is just all-hype and is actually ineffective. However, that line of thinking will only be true if social media marketing efforts are not properly integrated into other business processes—if they lack strategy.

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SocialMediaToday.com lists the following social media workflow and the amount time needed for them to be more effective so that companies can use or integrate them in their social media strategies:

• Updating social networks (4 hours).

• Planning, writing, and publishing blog posts (7.5 hours).

• Researching and planning internal and external content to share (4 hours).

• Curating and sharing content (2.5 hours).

• Engaging with the community (4 hours).

• Monitoring brand mentions online (2.5 hours).

• Developing campaigns, such as promotions or contests (2.5 hours)

• Promoting community growth (2.5 hours).

• Performing strategy management and adjustments (2.5 hours).

• Analytics reporting (2.5 hours).

• Allotting contingency time for damage control or unexpected problems (4 hours).

Social media is not just about scheduling tweets and replying to mentions, but rather a living process that demands proper care and management.

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