Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Google+ update: Focusing on people instead of tools

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2011 was the year Google decided to unleash its take on social networking, seeking to overthrow Facebook as the largest social networking platform. Known as Google Plus, G+, or Google+, the site has recently overthrown Twitter as the world’s second largest social networking platform, with over 343 million active users worldwide, which amounts to around 25 percent of global Internet users.

Global Web Index Social Platform Active Usage Dec. 2012
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Its recent update pushes a modern design, support for multiple devices, and a lot more. One reason why Google+ used a minimalistic approach, as opposed to what Facebook did with its user interface, is that it believes that technology is at its best when it gets out of the way, leaving tools, charts, complicated menus and options in the background, and letting users just focus on having fun, all while creating unique content that is fresh and exciting. Another problem that the update seems to fix is the need for a robust universal communication platform that will work across all devices and operating systems, mobile included. Google Hangouts combines the ease of universal messaging via the Web, photo sharing, and video calling in one sleek, modern package. SMS messaging is currently not supported, although that functionality will be added in future updates to the platform. The update also gives the power of Google to photos uploaded to the social networking site, giving people less time to worry about how their photos look and more time to make memories.

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One thing is for sure: With the new Google+ update, it is clear that Google isn’t content with its social media platform staying second to Facebook; it wants to be number one.

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