Monday, January 7, 2013

Social media tips for the new year

As more and more people are getting into the social media craze, social media gurus, like John Bohan and Jonathan Porter, believe that it is important for marketers and companies to realize that social media is not just a fad—it is here to stay. Thus, integration of social media into companies’ marketing strategies is very important for them to stay relevant throughout this year.

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However, direct marketing and promotion will no longer work, as people are now tech savvy, which means that they can smell an ad from miles away. Online marketing should take a different approach. Here are some tips that companies can use:

• Social media marketing is all about connections. People are more likely to respond to peer reviews and recommendations from friends than to social media ads. A “like” or a “repost” from friends has more selling power than a banner ad.

• Social media is not only Facebook. A lot of companies think that being on Facebook is enough. It is not. In fact, more people scour review videos on YouTube before purchasing a product than read about them on Facebook.

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• Companies should not stick to a one-device policy. People are accessing the Internet and socializing not just on computers but also on their mobile devices. This study shows that people use a variety of devices to stay online.

• Photographs pull in audiences. People would rather look at pictures than read text. This is why Pinterest is a very effective social marketing tool.

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The social media marketing landscape is changing at a fast rate, and companies have to make the most of it or risk being irrelevant.

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